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International Tickets Policy

Fareham Heathens RFC receives a limited (approx. 20) ticket allocation for each England international that features another major rugby nation (e.g. New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and the Home Nations). For internationals featuring other rugby nations (such as Argentina, Samoa etc.) there is not usually a cap on how many tickets the club can apply for. The club pays face value for tickets and does not usually receive any money/commission from the RFU for buying tickets.
To achieve a fair and transparent allocation of tickets to members the following application process will be used for the Autumn Internationals and 6 Nations games.
1. Club members can apply for any (reasonable) number of tickets, with the following conditions:-
a. Should the club’s allocation for limited ticket games be exceeded by member applications then all applications will be scaled back to fair and reasonable number of tickets per application.
b. Any tickets remaining after scaling back will be individually (one ticket) allocated by ballot to those who had requested more than two tickets.
c. Should there not be enough tickets to meet all applications after scaling back then the full allocation will be by ballot, with a maximum two tickets being allocated to those successful in the ballot.
2. To aid club finances in supporting player development a handling fee will be charged for each ticket as follows:-
a. Full price limited ticket allocation and away (non Twickenham) games: £10 per ticket.
b. Full price tickets for other games (such as Argentina, Samoa etc.): £5 per ticket.
c. Junior tickets for games when the RFU sells specific junior tickets: no fee. Juniors are classed as aged 15 and under.
3. Tickets and handling fee must be paid for in full before the order is placed with the RFU.

Separate details will be produced when required on how to apply for games/series tickets.

H♪loïse Fella
Honorary Secretary Fareham Heathens RFC