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1. First Aid Policy

Fareham Heathens RFC First Aid Arrangements And Emergency Procedures

Everybody involved in rugby at FHRFC should have a responsible attitude towards the prevention and management of any injury. Coaches and FHRFC nominated First Aiders have a specific responsibility to provide a safe and competent level of care to any injured player.

The safety of the individual takes priority over the game of rugby.

Not every injury can be prevented especially in a contact sport such as rugby, so it is essential that in the event of an injury, appropriate first aid procedures/ first aiders are in place. This will dramatically increase the chance of a full recovery for the individual involved.

The safety of all players is of paramount importance and FHRFC, through the First Aid Co-ordinator (FAC), will ensure that, whenever a game or training occurs appropriate first aid cover and equipment will be provided.

  • At senior level this will be through an appropriately qualified Immediate Care Practitioner (1 per team).
  • At Junior level (U13’s-U16’s) this will be via trained Emergency First Aiders (EFA).
  • At Mini’s level (U7’s – U12’s) this will be via trained Emergency First Aiders (EFA).

The FAC for FHRFC will ensure:

  • Every squad has at least one nominated EFA to provide help to any injured or ill player until more expert help arrives from the FA or equivalent.
  • All EFA’s hold the appropriate Emergency First Aid at work (or higher) qualification, and will need to see copies of any independent certifications.
  • Copies of all certificates are held on file.
  • Each age group is provided with a complete list of known medical conditions for children within the age group, as highlighted on the membership forms, and that this information is updated from the Club Registrations Officer. These lists will be kept with the first aid kit
  • First Aid kits are available for every team, and that stocks are available to replenish when necessary

It is the responsibility of the EFA to:

  • Take charge when someone is ill or injured, including calling an ambulance if required, using the procedures and guidance outlined, and if necessary ensuring the game stops.
  • Provide emergency first aid to injured or ill persons until more expert help arrives.
  • Ensure gloves are used to treat any First Aid injury, and that all blood injuries are treated and covered before the player returns to the field.
  • Look after the first aid equipment, e.g. restocking the first aid box.
  • Ensure Accident and Incident reports for all WRFC players are completed as appropriate and forwarded to the FAC and CSO within 24 hours (for training, home and away games).
  • Ensure you wear the EFA arm band to ensure quick recognition.

No EFA should attempt to give First Aid for which they have not been trained.