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About Our Club

'Understanding the history and name of our Club'

Whilst the name/word Heathen is commonly assumed as having a negative religeous meaning this could not be further from the truth of the proud history of our club name.

Originally the Clubs name was just 'Heathens', as the club was formed in Locksheath and at that time the club had a nomadic existence, with no permanent home.

The name used was effectively derived from the Germanic use of the adjective 'Heide' and Old English 'Hæthen' which roughly translates into 'inhabiting open country' or 'a country dweller who lives on the heath'. This represented a fair reflection of where the club was from and early day existance.

Later the club found a permanent home at Cams Alders and effectively combined with a club that was an offshoot of Gosport & Fareham, called Fareham RFC.

The clubs combined and to retain idendity and to more closely reflect the new location, forming strong ties with the local community the club became Fareham Heathens Rugby Club.

We are a community based Rugby Club offering Rugby and social activity to all age groups, abilities and genders. We retain pride in our heritage and this is reflected in our club name. Former dwellers of the heath who have now settled in Fareham.