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Sun 14 Oct 11:30 - Friendly Full time

Not just the weather stormin’ In !

Report take over by Jane and Lou!

Match report 14/10/2018
Fareham Heathens V USP
So parents this week have taken over the match report i.e. Lou and Jane.
Fareham Heathens parents woke up to torrential rain and we all awaited that text that Rugby was off and we could all stay in bed. However it was not meant to be and after an exciting match and the first win of the season it was a great day for all.
Darren was right and at 1130 the rain had cleared, and Heathens were up for game with no subs!
The first try was very quick, and We don’t know who scored it due to lack of concentration on our part (turns out it was Oscar!), however no conversion was kicked as we had no round thing (a tee I believe now)
Charlie had a nice run and Will took the ball and then Charlie scored a try!
10-0 missed conversion by James
USP came straight back at us to try and conversion scored
Really great Heathens work lots of brilliant team work and Charlie scores again.
15-7 conversion missed by James
Charlie doing some great kicking, running catching.
Dom grabs the ball and bull dozers through TRY for Dom
And Charlie scores the conversion
Multi-tasking watching and typing becoming difficult hats go off to Heloise/Darren from all parents on the side line.
Jacks getting excited too and barges through the USP parents and coaches to see what’s going down and sounding (maybe looking too) like David Bellamy
Dom now steam rollers the USP catches the ball passes to Charlie who scores. Josh is down as boot on the head.
Conversion by Charlie
Josh off for a bit ice pack on eye.
Good low scrums by Heathens really bending their knees. Fantastic runs by Jayden throughout this first half.
Oscars a little sore now in the nether regions but nearly half time and josh still off.
Half time great score: 29-7
Team chat Oscars applied ice pack so hopefully on the mend. You can see Heathens want this they’re in charge now let it continue.

2nd half
Josh back on (looks like a pirate eye a little closed but he’ll live) Rain is teaming it down now.
Portsmouth kick off.
Nice take by Lloyd but Coach Jack continuously reminds him 2 hands on the ball.
Charlie kicks the ball Oscars praised and good pick up by James.
Nice tackle by Charlie but a little high.
Nice Ruck.
Josh held by USP
Doms running through reminder from Heloise 2 hands on the ball Dom
Fareham have the ball Charlie kicks the ball, Will is chasing but kicked out by USP
Line out now 10 yards from the post, maybe 5 (woman and Men point of view)
Nice take my Josh into a Maul.
Picked out by Will, out to Charlie now James, James is running, good tackle by USP on to the ground good old scrabble going on in the ruck. Overturned though.
USP have the ball kicked by Portsmouth picked up by Charlie and KICKS and RUNS.
Gets the ball again and TRY by Charlie under the posts.
Conversion by Charlie
Oscar to Dom to Ryan Jake now running and Tackled by USP Dom now stolen the ball and dominating through, passed out to Lloyd. Lloyd running but tackled.
Oscar dropped the ball and forward. Charlie holding his stomach and feeling sick Might be the love bite causing that.
Jayden got the ball out to Oscar but tackled not Lloyd got it into a ruck. Zac nice pass and praised by Portsmouth.
All trying to make a break but Portsmouth defending well.
Tristan holding the ball out to will and but high challenge by USP. Lots of kicking think there now playing footy.
James kicking too Daniel getting the ball.
Charlie going back on in a moment. USP on the counter attack Held up by Zac and Will pushing.
Nice hands from USP.
Oscar got the ball bad luck as dropped it. Lovely tackle by James and parents nearly taken out at the same time.
Line out by us not a great line out.
Jayden again got the ball passed out to Charlie and James lovely team work.
Quick work again and Wills got the ball and TRY by Will
41-7 No conversion
Oscar volunteered to come off sadly USP score at this point
41-12 No conversion.
Quick interview with Coach Jack points made
• Orange boots by Jayden so showing off a bit
• Lewis much better second half
• Dom milking an injury
• Oscars “nuts” sore
• USP really coming back so might change things a bit

Oscar interview
• Injury is better now
• Support is good in the team

Oscar back on so cut short

Fin is now off.
Tristan is make some great runs and getting really stuck in with Brian really getting into thick of mauls.

USP really upping their game but Lewis has the ball and He drives it now. Out to Charlie Charlie kicks it. Pick up by Will out to Jayden nice ruck but it’s all slippy now. USP got the ball.
Will trying to get it back, but they kick it straight into Lewis nice body block!
Knock on
Jayden made fantastic tackle on USP
Line out. Zac takes Josh get and out to number 9. Kick by Charlie. USP has it Lloyd tackles. Will passes the ball and Mum comments good job his hair is cut its helping him!
Oscar has the ball and a forward score.
48-12 Conversion by Charlie doing some lovely ballet/ emu moves

Charlie has the ball after kick off but its so slippy balls now (!)
Charlies running it and plays all by himself and scores
53-12. Dom taking the conversion
Josh sat down lazy boy
Missed conversion
Dom takes the ball and runs the length never seen Darren run so fast. But sadly Doms taken down, ball out to Lewis Boys distracted and making a few mistakes now.
5 mins left.
USP have the ball but Josh gets it and runs and scores under the post.
Josh takes the conversion
60-12 and the one-eyed pirate seems happy and laughing.

My phone has died so over to Lou…

It was Charlie, drops the ball with no player within 5 metres. It’s all over ?

So from a parents point of view amazing team work and you all looked like you were enjoying it. Parents loved it.

USP’s man of match went to Dom and our Man of match went to Jayden. Well done to all!

Quilter Kids First Champions winner – November: Hinckley RFC

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